We sell used forklifts.  If you are looking for something else than what we have listed, call us for pricing and availability.  





Caterpillar 6,000 lb. cap. chassis. Has 3 stage lift with side shifter, has new tires, new coolant hoses + thermostat. Starter + alternator have been rebuilt. LP fuel and in excellent condition. Has 4,742 hours. Fuel tanks are $150. 




Outdoor Toyota 5,000 lb. Cap. Chassis Forklift. It is gasoline fuel, 2 stage lift with side shifter. Has no flat tires, steer tires like new, drive tires ok. Has been serviced, new tuneup, new battery, runs & operates good. Hour meter shows 10k+.




Outdoor Caterpillar forklift. It is 9,000 lb. cap. Chassis. Has 157 inch lift with side shifter. It is LP fuel. Has new water pump, thermostat and timing belt. Has new coolant hoses. Has new battery, reman starter and alternator. New 18 ply drive tires. In great condition. Completely serviced and ready to go.

Fuel tanks are $150. 




Caterpillar electric forklift 2,500 lb. capacity chassis. It has 3 stage lift with side shifter. New tires, new brake shoes & wheel cylinders. No leaks, in great condition. Battery is EC and comes with 6 month warranty. OEM hour meter inop.





Indoor Mitsubishi Forklift. It is 3,000 lb. capacity chassis. It is propane fuel, 3 stage lift with side shifter. Has rebuilt starter & alternator. New battery, new transmission cooling hoses, new coolant hoses, & thermostat. New tune up. Runs & works great. Hour meter reads approx. 14,480 hours. Has no Leaks.

Fuel tank extra.




Nissan outdoor forklift. It is 5,000 lb. cap. chassis, 2 stage lift with side shifter,has fresh engine, new coolant hoses, & water pump. Rebuilt starter & alternator. It is gasoline fueled. It is in excellent condition.



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